Our thought leadership has been published once again in the most influential higher education section in Australia – in The Australian newspaper.

George Aveling, our Chief Re-Imagineer, was a major contributor to the op-end (opinion editorial). His co-authors were Professor Keith Houghton from the Australian Higher Education Group, Edmund Lai and Kevin Ma, Founders of the major Shanghai-based digital learning company, Learning Gym.

The article focuses on the changes that digital will have on the Australian higher education sector.

First, digital will change the competitive landscape. Students can be on-cloud rather than on-campus. This means that universities will have available to them a huge market of international students who will be able to study from their home countries.

In this new competitive environment, universities will be forced to become more learner-centric. The quality of the learning experience will become a source of competitive advantage.

Digital will have a major impact on how courses are taught. Artificial intelligence will enable virtual assistants to analyse learning data, provide more personalized learning experiences and handle administrative support.

The teaching experience will move from synchronous – live lectures – to a balance of asynchronous (pre-recorded) and live.

And much more.

“We are proud to be having thought leadership impact, not only in Asia, through our Digital Learning in Asia reports, but also through our contribution to thought leadership in Australia. This our third major article to be published in this esteemed newspaper,” said George Aveling.