Onboarding should be an exciting journey for new employees. But most often it’s not.

We helped a company bring a static (otherwise called dull) onboarding manual to life with Augmented Reality.

We wanted to bring the brand to life and create “wow!” in the eyes of the new employees. Just imagine when new employees scanned pages of their onboarding manuals with their mobile phones, they were instantly connected to engaging contents – videos and quick learning-bytes – about the company’s culture, processes and people.

The beautiful thing about Augmented Reality is that the digital content behind it is changeable (anytime!). Yes, even when the pages have already been printed! We can change the digital content behind every Augmented Reality experience that are on the pages – without needing to reprint the pages.

Take for example a client’s organisation structure. In the traditional manual, you’d have to reprint the manual every time there are changes in the company. We saved the company having to do this with Augmented Reality!

We did this by designing the organisation chart with titles only, so that at all times, the correct people were on the chart. No more reprinting


  1. Type on your mobile web browser(Chrome for Android, Safari for iOS)
  2. Click “Launch”
  3. Aim your phone to the image and voila!


Adding Augmented Reality creates engagement and WOW for new starters. That’s what every company wants, isn’t it? If you are looking to reimagine the way you do your onboarding, we’d love to talk to you .