Augmented Reality Business Cards

We turned our own business cards into sales and marketing tools. Hey, that’s what business cards are for, right?

What is the key “pain point” when making a new contact? Certainly, the first one is to add that person to your contacts. We automated this using Augmented Reality.

We also automated connecting with us on LinkedIn (and other social media accounts), emailing us, phoning us, going directly to our website, downloading our brochures and streaming our corporate video – all at the click of a button!

All it took was one scan of our business card using an Augmented Reality app!

It’s convenient, it’s fast, it saves you time in sending your brochures or videos, and it saves paper!

The best feature about having Augmented Reality on your business card is that you can change the digital content anytime you have new updates – without needing to reprint your physical business cards!

You can check out our business card below:


  1. Type on your mobile web browser(Chrome for Android, Safari for iOS)
  2. Click “Launch”
  3. Aim your phone to the image and voila!


You can turn your business cards into working assets.

Talk to us – we have some pretty cool ideas if you’re looking for some! Are you ready to reimagine your business cards?