Elementrix, was awarded Silver in the Best Digital Learning Provider category at the Human Resources On-Line HR Vendors of the Year Awards.

George Aveling, CEO, said that 2021 was a year of major change for Elementrix. “We were given accolades by an international client for the quality and speed of our work. We broke new ground in helping organisations adapt to the digital world. And we did ground-breaking research,” he said.

“I would like to thank our clients. You are the reason we are here. Thank you for continuing to have faith in us during these unique times,” he said.

George thanked his international colleagues. “Thank you (謝謝) Kevin Ma, Edmund Lai and Lori Figueiredo for being my teachers,” he said.

“And, most of all, thank you to our wonderful team – Aina, Roshan, Poh Lan, Stephen, Arvind, Agnes and Billy. This is YOUR award. You have all stepped up. You have stretched yourselves. You have discovered that you are better than you thought you could be,” he said.

Our clients are diverse – large local companies and multinationals

“Clients and partners truly enjoy working and learning with George and his Team. Together we have a shared purpose of shaping the future of learning and how organisations enable ongoing performance improvement.”

Lori Figueiredo

Chief Learning Strategist, Syzygy Solutions, London


Our Vision is to help Malaysian companies develop competitive advantage through the speed of learning.

In a world where the universe of technology is expanding at an increasing speed, there is one factor, in Malaysia and around the world that is falling behind – the human factor.

  1. Elementrix is in the business of creating real tangible impact in a digital world, focusing on the human factor.
  2. We provide a framework for L&D professionals to implement digital learning effectively.
  3. We guide HR and corporate L&D departments to engage in The 5 Key Digital Transformations required of L&D to implement digital learning effectively.
  4. We do this by helping them re-think and re-imagine learning in a digital world.
  5. We help them Humanise Digital Experiences, focusing on three key pillars: Reimagine, Humanise, Simplify. We define “humanise” as learning that is people-focused, useful and engaging.

In the ‘old world’ most organisation tend to focus on the technology/platform to drive transformation – we found that this practice has low success rate and high costs. Any transformation (particularly digital) should begin with the people’s mindset – it starts with mindset and ends in culture.


We have developed strategic partnerships with thinkers and digital service providers to enable clients become effective in the world of digital learning.

We do this through what we consider to be a strategic, Intelligent Strategy:

  1. Evidence-based: Through our second major research report, Digital Learning in A sia (Malaysia and Singapore) 2020, we have data to support what have called The 5 Key Digital Transformations required of L&D.
  2. Smart Partnerships: Elementrix has developed a Digital Partnership Eco-system with thinkers, learning platforms, digital learning experts and learning technologies from around the globe. These partnerships benefit the L&D community by giving them access to thinking a tool to help them implement and humanise learning in a digitalworld:


We have adapted to the new environment post-Covid 19 based on the foundations of:

  1. The strength of our culture
  2. Leadership in challenging times
  3. Innovation
  4. Collaboration with the some of the best in the world


Key features of our culture are:

  1. Curiosity – we encourage questions from team members are encouraged
  2. Voice –we have a safe emotional environment, where debate and challenge are expected
  3. Ambiguity – we feel comfortable to experiment, not knowing the answers in advance, and are willing to make mistakes
  4. Fun and positive – we have fun in all that we do.

The result is that we are a high performing team with high levels of innovation and customer care.

Elementrix operates on a matrix structure as a part of TMI Consultancy. Within this structure, it has a Chief Reimagineer, a Digital Maverick, a Digital Learning Specialist, and a Learning Futurist, as well as access to graphic design, writing, marketing and instructional design skills.

One of our valued staff members moved to Australia. We adopted a digital mindset by continuing to employ that person remotely – and he continues to be a high performing member of the team.


Covid-19 affected Elementrix like all companies in Malaysia. George Aveling, the Chief Re-imagineer, went on zero wages from April. All staff have been on full wages. The aim has been to maintain morale and confidence among staff.

George is known for his positive leadership style, with curiosity, humour and laughter being part of his personal signature.


We have innovated in our product offering, in our continued expansion of our Eco-System Partners and through our first-in-Asia research.

1. Innovation in product offering

Case example: We initially faced a delivery challenge. A major contract with Bank Negara for an action learning project to train L&D staff to implement digital was put on hold due to the pandemic.

After discussions, it was agreed that Elementrix would convert the 12-week face-to-face programme into what is now a unique 15-week virtual learning programme consisting of:

  1. Virtual workshops – delivered on Microsoft Teams
  2. The workshops take participants on an implementing process, using the Syzygy Digital Blueprint Framework, as well as sessions based on the 5 Key Digital Transformations required of L&D identified from Elementrix research
  3. 4 practical digital learning projects, with 4-6 people on a team
  4. Virtual coaching – 4 Bank Negara project teams each with an Elementrix coach
  5. A practical Digital Implementation “how to” toolkit
  6. Resource sharing on a digital platform
  7. The building of a learning community on a digital platform
  8. A project Showcase to Senior Leaders

The client is happy with progress to date, and learners are unlearning and relearning – critical elements for success in a digital world.

2. Innovation in learning process

Our innovation continued through the development of the Virtual Classroom Learning Gym process, licensed from LearningGym, Shanghai. This process has been applied by our learning consultancy, Tack TMI which has won major work using this process with organisations including Prudential, Celcom, Seek Asia and Vinda.

3. Innovation and experimentation

Our staff are constantly experimenting with new methodologies and technologies. We have converted a 2-day face-to-face Re-imagining Learning with Augmented Reality into a digital programme. This has taken a lot of time. We have developed expertise in other platforms that create value for clients, including Miro and Vyond.The latter products have been applied with great effect for clients in areas of the service experience andquality.

Innovative Expansion of Eco-System Partners

Our Learning Eco-System Partners like what we stand for. We have continued to operate by our values-based “Compass North” based on open communication, integrity, customer focus and partnership. It is for that reason that we have been able to expand our Eco-System with international Partners.

We have developed offshore sources of income, having provided explainer video design and production work for a USD26b company, based in the US.

In association with the HERG Australia and LearningGym Shanghai, we have recently been asked to quote to assist an Australian tertiary institution to implement digital into its learning process. We are proud that a Malaysian company is involved in this!


At significant time cost, we successfully completed our second major Digital Learning in Asia report. This has shifted us from assisting our clients to focus on critical changes, all of which can be backed by data. This first-in-Asia research has helped us to develop a deep understanding of the key pain points in the L&D community in a digital world:

A. Thinking that success in a digital world can be achieved by replicating the face-to-face learning experience. This is a major mistake.

B. Fear of the new

C. The 5 Key Digital Transformation in mindsets and skills required of L&D:

  1. The need to understand learners as never before – apply the principles of human-centered design
  2. In a world of choice, having a structured approach to design useful and engaging learning journeys
  3. Become learning experience marketers
  4. Become comfortable with learning technology
  5. Effective stakeholder engagement


We have evolved from an augmented reality led strategy to a broader one that encompasses:

Implementing Digital Learning in the Workplace
Our Digital Learning in Asia research identified that L&D competency is a key blocker to effective digital learning outcomes. We have developed the 5 Key Digital Transformation framework based on that research. Our professional work with our clients focuses on giving them the mindsets, skills, confidence, structure and tangible tools effectively implement digital learning in the workplace.

a. Case example – A client from the Financial Industry in Malaysia. Elementrix was selected to develop 23 members of the L&D team on a 15-week program, Implementing Digital Learning in the Workplace. This is a prestigious project.

Helping companies bring learning and communication to life

a. Case example – A client from the Oil & Gas Industry in Malaysia.
We took a conventional on-boarding process, based on a conventional booklet, to a “Wow” experience, with Augmented Reality bringing the contents of the on-boarding book to life through videos and other means.

b. Case example – A client from the Energy Industry in Malaysia.
We have conducted training to help companies bring their customer experiences to life. The staffs participated in a program with the aim of bringing, among other things, their invoices to life using AR.

c. Case example – A client from the Research & Science Industry.
We helped the client, a USD26b company based in the US, to bring a new learning process to life and, develop a quality culture. We did this by partnering with an Australian research organisation to bring learning and communication to life through the scripting and development of learning explainer videos.

Geographic expansion of sources of income

We have expanded the “footprint” of our professional services, having completed projects in Hong Kong, Australia and the US.

Investment in new learning technologies

Even during the pandemic, Elementrix invested in new technology – the Cerego adaptive learning platform, as this will add significant value to clients. This has included an investment in learning of this platform by our staff.

Marketing through strategic partnerships

a. The Malaysian Institute of Management has recognised the value in partnering with Elementrix as a subject matter expert in digital learning. We held two highly successful webinars with MIM:

  1. Launching the Digital Learning in Asia (Malaysia and Singapore) 2020 report (April 2020 – we had 147 people in attendance at the start of the event, and all 147 stayed until the end)
  2. Implementing Digital Learning in the Workplace (May 2020 – 162 people attended).

b. HERG (Australia): George Aveling, Chief Re-Imagineer, has created exposure for Elementrix by having two articles on digital learning in universities published in a major Australian newspaper. These articles were co-authored with Emeritus Professor, Keith Houghton, fromHERG.


There is an exciting future ahead for Elementrix. We will build and expand the foundations that we have laid:

A. New Support for L&D in Malaysia

  1. We will bring on stream a new strategic workshop for leaders, based on the Digital Learning in Asia 2020 report: Future-Proofing L&D
  2. Introduce a new Certificate course in Implementing Digital Learning in the Workplace with MIM
  3. Strategically add Eco-System partnerships. We are in discussion with another Learning Experience Platform to give our clients wider choice.

B. Continue and Expand Thought Leadership for the benefit of the L&D industry

  1. We will expand the number of countries covered in our Digital Learning in Asia Reports to give a truly Asian perspective to the state of digital learning
  2. In collaboration with EdCast, we will launch EdCast’s major Learning Health Index study among companies in Malaysia
  3. Continue production of thought leadership videos and articles on digital learning, published on our website and through LinkedIn

C. Expand

  1. Expansion into the Australian market

Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of change in digital learning. We will continue to take actions to assist organisations to Humanise Digital Experiences by Re-imagining, Humanising and Simplifying.